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One can send gifts to India to their loved ones for all festivals and occasions. We deliver gifts to India in over 500 cities across the country. The website has over 15000 new products with multiple categories for online gifting. The site targets people wanting to send gifts like toys, chocolates, perfumes, cakes, flowers, sweets, electronics, soft toys, perfumes, gift baskets, sarees, salwaar kameez, watches, baby wear, cameras, etc for diwali, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, valentine's day, Christmas, New years, etc. Online gifts are a truly remarkable way to gift fresh flowers, delicious cakes and a whole array of products for your loved ones in India. We keep changing gift products according to the occasion and deliver them in the shortest possible time. Gifts sent to India are packaged in a way that truly spread your sentiments of love and care for your dear ones. Understanding the emotions involved in gifting to your loved ones in India, we have made sure that the gifts are sourced from the best possible vendors with the most trusted brands. When you send gifts to India, we also ensure that your transactions are secure and fail proof. Our customer service representatives are always online to solve your queries about gift items and their social significance for a particular occasion or festival. Discover the true magic of when you send gifts to India to your loved ones from many miles away.   
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  Jewellery   Necklaces & Malas   Necklace Set

Long Necklace Set that are suitable to adorn on women in different occasions, ceremonies and festivals. The sets enhances womans personality and makes her look beautiful, radiant, stylish and also traditional. These vibrant and shinny necklace sets are traditionally designed and handcrafted as they are richly made. These necklaces are perfectly embellished with matching gems or beads in ethnic design.

BuyGiftstoIndia.com - Surat DiamondsSP-377
Surat DiamondsSP-377
$44.00 $37.00
INR: 2516
BuyGiftstoIndia.com - Surat DiamondsSP-124
Surat DiamondsSP-124
$47.00 $39.00
INR: 2652
BuyGiftstoIndia.com - Surat DiamondsSNP-3
Surat DiamondsSNP-3
$47.00 $39.00
INR: 2652
BuyGiftstoIndia.com - Surat DiamondsSN-175
Surat DiamondsSN-175
$55.00 $46.00
INR: 3128
BuyGiftstoIndia.com - Surat DiamondsSN-138
Surat DiamondsSN-138
$44.00 $37.00
INR: 2516
BuyGiftstoIndia.com - Surat DiamondsSN-109
Surat DiamondsSN-109
$73.00 $61.00
INR: 4148
BuyGiftstoIndia.com - Surat DiamondsHamper - 1143
Surat DiamondsHamper - 1143
$65.00 $54.00
INR: 3672
BuyGiftstoIndia.com - Surat DiamondsHamper - 1142
Surat DiamondsHamper - 1142
$73.00 $61.00
INR: 4148
BuyGiftstoIndia.com - Surat DiamondsHamper - 1141
Surat DiamondsHamper - 1141
$71.00 $59.00
INR: 4012
BuyGiftstoIndia.com - Surat DiamondsPS-43
Surat DiamondsPS-43
$24.00 $20.00
INR: 1360
BuyGiftstoIndia.com - Surat DiamondsPS-42
Surat DiamondsPS-42
$24.00 $20.00
INR: 1360
BuyGiftstoIndia.com - Surat DiamondsPS-41
Surat DiamondsPS-41
$24.00 $20.00
INR: 1360
BuyGiftstoIndia.com - Surat DiamondsPS-4
Surat DiamondsPS-4
$24.00 $20.00
INR: 1360

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